Welcome to OzOpal, my name is Phil Veneris. Australian Opals are my obsession and they make me happy! I source precious Australian Opal Gemstones direct from the mine and expertly cut them in my jewellery workshop. Australian Opals are among the rarest and most precious gemstones on earth, and each one is unique (just like a finger-print) and because of this, each one I cut has a special significance to me.

Whether you are a jeweller, a gemstone collector or individual looking for a special piece or a meaningful gift, you should feel comfortable knowing that when buying from OzOpal, you are buying a quality piece of Australia’s natural history, which comes with a unique, 100% money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. So instead of looking for a diamond, consider an opal for a ring, or simply a gift for that special occasion. I especially hope that Opals will make you happy too!

I have always believed in thinking differently and challenging the status quo, and when I originally heard the saying “an Opal is only worth what someone is willing to pay” – I thought to myself, “there’s gotta be a better way.” I quit my full-time engineering career of 15 years to cut & polish Opals full-time, though I needed a way to consistently & accurately price my Opals. I worked tirelessly to solve the quandary that has perplexed many people around the world for over a century, and developed a Tool which simplifies and standardises the way in which an Opal is valued. It has been confidently used since 2016 by many high-profile opal industry experts, lapidarists, collectors and jewelers alike. It just happens to be easy to use.

I hope that you find the Opal Pricing Tool (by OzOpal) as useful and valuable to your business as I have, and continue to do so (with every Opal in which I value).